Spider Beach 

Watching me at the beach with my boys, is like watching a spider on copious amounts of amphetamines and lunging for flies at super sonic speed to banging happy hardcore.. 

Every time as we leave any beach, covered in sand. Plus I’m chasing the toddler as he lunges for the ocean again whilst I am carrying all the gear like an untrained Sherpa. Plus I’m dragging, sweating , half naked,  a fully loaded stroller through the sand. Always some lovely person will say “Enjoy them while you can!” or “Wow that looks like hard work” or “You are amazing with three boys, they are hard work”! (Yes I fucking know that Sherlock)

Holy shit, where is the “Can I help you to carry something,” that’s all I want to hear or “Hey sit down, I’ll shower and dress the kids, get them in the car and buckle them in for you and hey here is 10$, go get a margarita!” Where is THAT person on the beach? 


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