I’m not going to pretend any more (too exhausting) . My name is Joy and I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder , yes my bat shit crazy has a fancy schmancy name. Living with Anxiety is living in fear most days that you are going to die, from a heart attack or a meteor obliterating the world or whatever your “THING” is and then waking up the next morning Euphoric that you are still here and it starts all over again … It’s a fabulous ride. The highs and lows are crazy and fellow anxiety and family members of said nut job , will truly get that. It is the depression of the millennial and the new Prozac nation . It’s actually more tiring pretending not to be anxious then to just give in and be bloody nuts:) . Yoga, exercise , counseling, sleep , a good partner and medication are the way forward … So fellow anxious people,just drop me a message if you want to talk , as pretty much tried it all 😊

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