No Idea – Blog Virgin

Not sure what I am doing? All I know is I have a brain full of noise and thoughts and crazies and stuff and no where to off load. I have been told to write, I have been told I am funny, I have been told I am honest. Slight flaw to the master plan, I am not so great at the English Language. I have friends awesome at English and I am so very sure they will cringe at this, don’t cringe just correct and mold me into something better, ┬áplease…

I have written a kids book, I like it, my friends and family like it, but does that mean its good? Has this Brit residing in the USA, finally been sucked in to the American dream notion. I have a grand idea┬áto see my book printed, illustrated and on Amazon. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean some person will buy my damn dream. So lets see. First place to start they say is”with a blog”

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