It’s been a long time writing and an unusual state of affairs of the mental kind.

I think I may be cured (shocker) or a least comfortable in my skin and not fighting to find a reason of why my skin feels awkward against my soul and being. I’ve found a reason to my quirks and social unsuitability. Of course I am still running like Forest Gump has taken over my limbs and that gives me my much needed serotonin sanity shot. Plus I have now decided that i am all over the 80s come back of running gear with mid calf sock, sweat bands and floaty shorts, it makes me very happy .

I have not had a panic attack in about a year (which is totally delicious) and I am writing this on a 4 hr plane ride to Denver and I am actually only mildly worried and not completely shitting myself, whilst ramming a glass of wine (or 2) down my throat.

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