Facebook Birthday

Thank you for all my wonderful messages today. My life and brain amuse me, I may share too much but it keeps me sane to reveal all of which my life is built upon. Being away from home Facebook has been an amazing tool for me to keep family updated with the children and for me to still have you all in my life.
The love, amusement and friendship I have experienced over the years through here has stopped me feeling so alone when nursing a small child

In the early hours or lifting me up when everything did not fall in to my perfectly planned day.
40 does not sit well on my shoulders almost as well as I have never reallly sat well in life , always slightly awkward, socially off and very odd fully dressed . I’m slowly learning to love me and my life with all the accidents and challenges and hope and happiness and people that are thrown in to my path . My children highlight to me daily my failures and love me so hard as I work to be the best mother I can be .
40 is a beginning and with that comes an acceptance of age and wrinkles and looser skin and forgetful ness and aching bones and tiredness. But enjoying who I have become and my love of life and adventure and I hope to continue pushing boundaries and learn and I hope to still have you all in my life when I turn 60 . 

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